Our Philosophy For Learning

Our Philosophy for Learning

At St. Oswald’s we aim to provide an engaging and enriched curriculum which allows all children to achieve their full potential.

We want to nurture a life long love of learning in all children at our school which they can carry with them long after they leave us.

Effective learning gives children the opportunity to remember more, apply their knowledge and make links to other areas of learning to allow them to progress further.

To do this, we looked at what we deem to be the fundamental characteristics of effective learning and ensure that we apply these strategies within all lessons taught across the curriculum throughout school.

We aim to ensure that children become well versed in these strategies and can recognise when they are using them in their own learning.



• To embed the characteristics of effective learning in all children.


• Opportunities for each of the 'LEARNER' strands are planned into lessons and highlighted to children on a daily basis.
• Visual aids are used to link parts of all curriculum lessons to the 'LEARNER' strands to allow children to understand how they are using these strategies to held them retain and remember more.


• Create an ethos of ‘life long learning’ within our school.